Marine Barrier, Oil Absorber, Chemical Absorber, Oil Skimmer, Seabin, Mucilage Cleaning and Marine Cleaning Equipment

As Maris, we offer products that have a great impact on reducing marine and environmental pollution. We develop innovative and technological solutions in categories such as Marine Barriers, Absorbent Materials, Oil and Chemical Absorbents, Oil Skimmers, Spill Kits, Mucilage Barriers, Oil Spill and Marine Cleaning Equipment, Pollution Emergency Response, Safety Equipment, Barrier Drums, Storage Tanks. With our expert engineers and technical team, we offer professional and sustainable solutions by looking at our customers' needs and problems from a broad perspective. In this path that we lead in the sector, we make a difference with our environmentally friendly approaches.

Professional Solutions for Marine Pollution

Without compromising on sustainability, we offer high-quality solutions at the most affordable prices in line with global standards. We are proud to serve with our mission, 'Securing Our Future with Every Purchase.'

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Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Marine Cleaning Equipment

As Maris Marine Environmental, we offer customized, innovative, safe, and effective solutions for maritime operations.

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High Performance Oil Skimmers

Maris's disk, brush, and drum type Oil Skimmers, adaptable to different pollution densities, offer high performance suitable for every situation.

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We Design the Future with Jellyfishbot

An extraordinary solution with the Jellyfishbot waste collector, designed to clean the future in the seas. As Maris Marine Environmental, we are taking a major step towards the future with eco-friendly technologies.

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Invest in the Future with BeBot

BeBot, a breakthrough in beach cleaning: silent and 100% electric, with its innovative design, both sifts sand and collects waste. It offers ecological and effective technological solutions that protect plant and animal life.

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Maris Marine Environmental

Maris Marine Environmental

Full Compliance with National and International Standards

Maris has experince on oil spill response requirements, since 2007. Maris started with a manufacturer for supplier of oil spill response products in the begining. Than Maris revealed own energy for itself. We can manufacture your oil spill products with standarts or your specific requirements.

About Us


Our products, which are provided with the most reasonable costs in World Standards, are priced at the quality level that will not interrupt the continuous service given to you.

Fields of Activity

We work at Ports , Shore Lines, Open Seas, Inland Waters, Costs, Industry and more work areas for many years with innovative and technologic products . We get better with manufacturing your special requirements and involving new projects.


As Maris, we offer pre-sales and post-sales Training, Support, Consultancy and Rental Services to our customers. We offer timely, high quality and sustainable solutions to various engineering needs in operations such as training, maintenance and repair, starting from the birth of the idea of ​​fighting chemical pollution, to the commissioning of our products, to their efficient use, and then throughout the business life.

Oil Spill Responce is a specialized area, as well as a task which requires instant response. Maris offers extensive training when supplying equipment. Further to this, our staff are able to provide consultation and technical input during the planning stage. Having the right type of equipment for the right job is the key to success. The comprehensive training in the use of the equipment will include suggestions on storage, maintenance and advice on installing the equipment in optimum positions when used.
• Equipment Training
• Oil pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) Course

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Maris has qualified staffs to offer a comprehensive after sale to our customers including maintenance, and regular support depending on the customer’s requirements. Our qualified engineers can travel to site for major maintenance and support.
• Equipment Installations
• Maintenance services

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Maris rents appropriate equipments for your operations.
• Containment Booms & Reels
• Recovery Vessels
• Anchors
• Liquid Storage Tanks
• Emergency Spill Respnse Containers
• Pumps
• Oil Skimmers

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Preparation of Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans of Coastal Port Facilities under the Law on Compensation Principles of Intervention and Losses in case of emergency in Oil Spill and other harmful substances to the Marine Environment; Equipment to be used in oil spills: Identification and designation of materials and equipment to be used according to the emergency response plan; Barrier, Skimmer (Sorbeters) Sorbent Pedler. Management of Oil Spill Response: Implementation and follow-up of emergency response plans of the institution to which service is provided in long-term service contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can review detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about Maris's services and products.

How is equipment rented?
First of all, contact our team and send us the equipment list you need. Stock control is done for the equipment to be rented, and the deadline is determined for the products that are not in stock. Please contact our team for detailed information.
What are the Training Subjects?
Some of the topics we train: Oil Spill Response Training Courses Cleaning of floating wastes and prevention of pollution trainings. Use and maintenance training of equipment to prevent oil pollution. Trainings are given in Turkish or English.
How Do I Get More Information About Oil Spill Prevention Equipment?
You can reach us by e-mail on these issues: You can send us a message on our Whatsapp support line. Our officials will respond as soon as possible: Maris Whatsapp support: +905523221677 You can reach us by phone and speak to one of our product experts: +902164916092

Professional Solution Partner.

We, as Maris, continuously monitor the latest developments in the industry and integrate these developments into our services to provide our customers with higher quality and professionalism.
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Global Solutions

As Maris, we are proud to serve all our customers on 7 continents with our mission that has prioritized customer satisfaction for many years, our strong staff, solution-oriented services, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art products.


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Marine pollution is the responsibility of all of us..|Respect for people, respect for the environment, legacy for the future..|Let's leave a clean sea for future generations..|Maris for a clean sea, a healthy future..

Environmentally Friendly Solutions for a Sustainable Future

As Maris, we place the principles of environmental protection and sustainability at the center of our business. We play a leading role in our mission of creating a sustainable world with our ethical values and environmental commitments.

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