Boom Reels

Barrier drums are used for rapid intervention, especially in cases of leakage and pollution. These drums, designed to store various pollution control tools such as fence type and inflatable barriers in an orderly and ready state, enable them to be quickly laid out and ready for use at the seaside and on water surfaces.

Boom Reels

Barrier drums are flexible and portable barrier systems used to prevent and control the spread of leaks or marine pollution. They are usually placed on water surfaces and used in these areas. Its drum-shaped structure provides ease of storage and transportation. During a pollution event, these drums are quickly opened and placed on the water surface.

Boom Reels Types

Barrier drums come in different varieties. The most common types are fence type barriers and inflatable barriers. Fence type barriers consist of PVC panels that float on the water surface to prevent the spread of marine pollution. Inflatable booms, on the other hand, can be inflated and come in small sizes for storage, but can cover a large area when placed on the water surface.

Importance of Boom Reels

Barrier drums help minimize environmental damage during marine pollution or spill events. They offer a fast and effective solution for pollution control, preventing contaminants from spreading on the water surface and causing further damage to the environment.

Usage Areas of Boom Reels

These drums are used near ports, shipyards, oil platforms, shipping, water treatment plants and other water sources. They are also frequently used in industrial facilities where rapid response to environmental incidents is required.

Storage and Transport Ease of Boom Reels

Barrier drums are neatly wrapped and stored in the drum when not in use. This ensures they are ready to use and stored neatly. Additionally, they are easily loaded onto carrier vehicles during transportation.

Barrier drums are an important part of environmental protection efforts and provide a fast and effective solution to control pollution on water surfaces. These equipment play an important role in minimizing the damage to the environment and water resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Barrier Drum?
Barrier drums are portable barrier systems generally used on water surfaces to provide rapid and effective intervention in environmental pollution incidents. These drums are designed to prevent the spread of spills or marine pollution.
How Do Barrier Drums Work?
Barrier drums are used to prevent the spread of pollution when placed on the water surface. They usually consist of inflatable or fence-type panels. When a pollution incident occurs, these drums quickly open and create a barrier on the water surface, thus preventing the spread of pollutants.
In Which Situations Are Barrier Drums Used?
Barrier drums are used for rapid response to marine pollution, oil spills, chemical spills, industrial pollution in ports or on water surfaces. They can also be used in water treatment plants and maritime transportation areas.
What is the Importance of Barrier Drums?
These drums help control pollution on water surfaces and minimize environmental damage during environmental disasters. Quick and effective intervention helps minimize damage to ecosystems and water resources.
How to Store and Transport Barrier Drums?
Barrier drums are rolled up and stored properly when not in use. This ensures they are ready to use and stored neatly. During transportation, these drums are easily loaded onto carrier vehicles, so they can be quickly delivered to the scene.

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