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Maris Marine Environmental

Maris Environmental Limited Company

Maris has experince on oil spill response requirements, since 2007. Maris started with a manufacturer for supplier of oil spill response products in the begining. Than Maris revealed own energy for itself. We can manufacture your oil spill products with standarts or your specific requirements.

Now we have new products and new vision for environmental protection.Our engineers and teams have been widely educated at manufacturing of oil spill equipments, which gives us a worthful perspective when working with our purchaser.Now we manufacture environmental protection equipments and we builds oil spill response, oil spill and garbage recovery vessels. Also we can build vessel (aliminium, steel or fiberglass) standart or for your specific requirements. The first principle of Maris is “trust”. Because we mark our name on all of our products.
“Because We Care”

Maris Leading in Integrity

Leading in Integrity

Maris Innovative Engineering

Innovative Engineering

Maris Happy customers

Happy Customers

Maris High Quality Production

High Quality Production

Environment Principle

For many years, we have been pointed out as an environmentally friendly organization that develops innovative technological products that have a positive impact on global chemical pollution abatement and conducts Research and Development studies to provide special remediation mechanisms.

Our Corporate Vision

Becoming an institution recognized by international organizations, world standards, following modern innovations and pioneering innovations, exemplified by other organizations in the sector. To provide the highest quality products to our customers both at home and abroad.

Our Corporate Mission

To increase the prosperity of our employees, to contribute to our country's economy and suppliers, to produce solutions for our customers and to carry out successful projects. To maintain the synergy created by the Maris Marine Environmental family for generations.

T.C. Ulaştırma ve Altyapı Bakanlığı

European Maritime Safety Agency

International Maritime Organization

International Spill Control Organization

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