DENA 1050

Maris Solid Booms comprise of a curtain boom with added tension member combined with solid foam flotation. This oil and debris barrier is typically for protected water and fast current use.

Product Information

Maris Solid Booms is a versatile, general-purpose boom designed for use in many different spill response applications. The boom freeboard is maintained with cylindrical foam floats. These floats offer a high degree of wave conformance and reserve buoyancy in choppy or rough conditions.

- Ideal for operations in ports, harbors, lakes, rivers, streams, inland and – coastal where a quick response is required

- Available in a wide range of heavy-duty / PU fabrics

- Cylindrical foam floatation ( HDPE ) for maximum memory characteristics.

- Will retain shape, will not crush or break into pieces.

- Corrosion resistant ASTM style marine grade aluminum connectors

- Heavy duty galvanized steel ballast chain

- Custom sizes available.

Professional Solution Partner.

We, as Maris, continuously monitor the latest developments in the industry and integrate these developments into our services to provide our customers with higher quality and professionalism.
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