Jellyfishbot / MOS - Mobile Oil Skimmer -

Remotely controlled / Oil Skimmer / Autonomous by GPS geolocation / Surface camera
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The Jellyfishbot is remotely operated using a radio control. This makes it possible to locate the robot on a map and to view the video from
its on-board camera in real time. It can also autonomously clean an area defined by the operator in an unobstructed environment .

This version is equipped with:
▪ 1 Jellyfishbot EXPERT and its accessories
▪ 1 electric skimmer with oleophilic drums
▪ 1 dedicated battery
▪ 1 pneumatic boat
▪ equipped with a 120 L hydrocarbon tank
▪ 1 electronic control-command unit in Bluetooth connection with the robot
▪ 1 system of transfer and drain pumps, with piping
▪ 1 protective cover to facilitate cleaning

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