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1. Safety and Reliability

Fenders are constructed of several layers of strong tire-cord, and are thus resistant to pressure and cutting.

2. No Deterioration or Variation in Performance

Fenders utilize the compressive elasticity of air, therefore performance deterioration due to fatigue is absent.

3. Advantages at Inclined Berthing

Eenergy absorption does not decrease at inclined compression up to 15 degrees.

4. Soft Reaction Force

The reaction force does not increase sharply even under excess load conditions.

5. Lower Mooring Forces under Rough Condition

The reaction force does not increase sharply even under excess load conditions.

6. Strong against Shearing Force

Fenders are adequately reinforced using strong tire-cord to cope against shearing and compression forces as well as internal pressure.

7. Adaptable to the Tide

8. Simple and Low Cost Installation

It can be removed easily to a suitable jetty or quay when not in use, or transferred to another mooring point whenever required.

9. Low Maintenance Cost

10. Shipping Cost Minimization

Fenders are usually packed and shipped in containers or on pallets in vacuumed and folded down state.

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