Maris Vehicle Oil Spill Kit (KIT-M25)

Maris Spill Kits an ideal quick response solution for vehicles of all types and perfect for containing small to medium size spills.

Product Information


25,56 liter

0,16 barrels

6,75 gallon


- 1 pcs PVC Bag

- 20 pcs Oil Absorbent Pad 40cm x 50cm

- 2 pcs Oil Absorbent Sock 8cm x 120cm

- 1 pcs Disposal Bag

- 1 pcs Cable Tie

- 1 pair Nitrile Glove

- 1 pcs Splash Goggle

- 1 pcs Mask (Particle)


- Oil Absorbent Granule

- Disposal Protection Suit

- Shovel ( Non-Spark )

- Eye Wash

- Flash Light(Small)

- Safety Strip

- Hand Cleaner

Professional Solution Partner.

We, as Maris, continuously monitor the latest developments in the industry and integrate these developments into our services to provide our customers with higher quality and professionalism.
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