Multi Skimmer Mono 20

MARIS MultiSkimmer Mono 20 (MSM-20) is a high efficiency skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water.

The unit can be fitted with interchangeable skimming heads ( disc, drum, or brush ) to allow for optimum performance in all oil types and viscosities.

Product Information

- Choice of Disk, Drum or Brush type skimming modules to suit wide variety of oil types and conditions.

- Modular design minimizes cost and allows for optimum skimming of a variety of products.

- Stand alone or on-board pump (detachable) for effective pumping of viscous fluids and maximum versatility.

- Rugged all aluminum construction, powder coated for hi visibility.

- Hydraulically driven with choice of diesel, gasoline or electric power packs.

Model: MSM-20

Recovery Rate:

18 m³/h (Disc)

20 m³/h (Brush)

12 m³/h (Drum)

Free Water Recovery: Less than 5%

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