Oil Spill Kit 80 (KIT-M80)

Maris Oil Spill Response Kits

Maris Spill Kits are designed to cope many types of oil and chemical spillages, from ports, harbors, ships, shipyards, heavy industrial plants to small engineering workshops.

Since the IMO resolution of April 1995, oil spill equipment has to be on board of every vessel. Maris Environmental helps you meet the requirements against the best possible price.

Product Information

Maris Oil Spill Kit is a marine oil spill response measure designed to be deployed easily and effectively, in conjunction with each ships response plan, as required by the IMO and OPA ’90. The sorbents included in the Oil Spill Kit are produced in a variety of forms which absorb up to 19 times their own weight, for spill control, cleaning, maintenance, marine and other applications.


79,80 liter

0,50 barrels

21,07 gallon


• 1 pcs Waterproof Brightly Colored Handbag.

• 20 pcs Oil Absorbent Pads 40cm x 50cm

• 10 pcs Oil Absorbent Pillows 23cm x 23cm

• 10 pcs Oil Absorbent Socks 8cm x 120cm

- 1 pcs Disposal Bag

- 1 pcs Cable Tie

- 1 pair Nitrile Glove

- 1 pcs Splash Goggle

- 1 pcs Mask (Particle)

Professional Solution Partner.

We, as Maris, continuously monitor the latest developments in the industry and integrate these developments into our services to provide our customers with higher quality and professionalism.
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