Pillow Tanks (PT)

Maris Pillow Tanks specially designed for the storage of oil, crude oil, gasoline, jet A1, kerosene, diesel, lube oil and various industrial chemicals. Maris Pillow Tank is produced in various capacities from 300 liters to 300.000 liters. Maris Pillow Tanks series can be produced in custom shapes and sizes upon request with various Inlet/Outlet fittings.

Product Information

Maris pillow tanks also known as bladder / pillow type tanks, are produced using a special raw material that is made by coating a patented material on top of a reinforced fabric thus making it very strong but flexible. Bladder tanks perform exceptionally well in harsh weather conditions in most hard to reach places and have the ability to block U.V. rays therefore preventing the forming of algae and bacteria in the water.

The closed type design of the Maris Pillow Tanks ensures that no contaminants penetrate the liquid stored therefore offering the best standard of safe drinking water storage. Various shapes and sizes are available with Maris Pillow Tanks and the standard capacities vary from 300 to 300.000 liters. Strong and durable raw material gives the ability to fold the tank when empty, transport it to the final destination and install the tanks very easily.

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