Seabin V5


- Eliminate all debris accumulation points at your location.

- Restore the overall cleanliness of water

- Ensure continuous cleaning - 24/7

- Enhance your environmental sustainability effort

- Grow public and boaters awareness on the issue of plastics & debris water.





- A floating trash collector

- Positioned on your floating pontoons

- Easy handling and maintenance :1 person only

- Collect all debris and micro debris, up to 2mm : plastic particles, cigarette butts, food wrappers, seaweed etc.


Product Information


1. Your Seabin units will be installed on floating pontoons only

2. There is staff to maintain Seabin on a daily basis

3. Maximum distance to an electric energy supply point is 6 meters

4. Voltage provided 110V/220V

5. Freeboard range between 320mm minimum and 820mm maximum

6. Maximum water current speed range equal or below 1,5 knots

7. Maximum wave height in the marina equal or below 0,3 meters

8. There is a minimum 1.2 meters of draught on the lowest

astronomical tide.



Power 110V / 220V 500 watts

Pump: 25,000 LPH

Sturdy HDPE construction

Marine grade stainless bracket

Capture micro plastics > 2mm

Catch bag holds 20kg

Weight with bracket: 57 kg

Electrical cable: 6 meters

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